How to use the "Make me a quote" function

Steps to make your first quotation request
  1. Enter your contact information here.
  2. Write down your requirement, for example you only need the top cloth, trousers or full outift.
  3. Optional budget field, e will quote the item price for you if budget is not stated, or we will provide some suggestions to meet your budget. (such as less details or use different material)
  4. Upload the picture of the product you would like to ask for a quotation here, maximum 3 files a time and size for each file is under 200KB, in jpg, gif or png format.
  5. Optional size field, you may provide the size later as well.
  6. Press the send button and your request will be sent to our email address, we will make a quotation for you (not include shipping fee) in 3 business days.

    The estimated price will be:
    Jacket onlyUSD 80 - 150
    Pants onlyUSD 20 - 50
    Full OutfitUSD 130 - 200

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